Recycled content, long product life and no special tools

Cast iron and EEZI-FIT has no comparison

Makes other materials green with envy

EEZI-FIT is made from a high level of recycled content, which is no more than you would expect from an innovative and forward-thinking organisation like Saint-Gobain PAM UK who is serious about its role in preserving the environment.

  Recycled Content
Saint-Gobain PAM Cast iron 97%
Stainless Steel 70%

Most importantly, Cast iron is 100% recyclable indefinitely without losing any of its properties. So can be reused for exactly the same purpose ie a pipe can be recycled as a pipe.

Cast iron is long lasting with minimal maintenance

Large Commercial and public buildings should be built using products which are fire safe and have a long service life - including the building services. The cost of drainage within the building represents a very small percentage of the overall buildings cost typically 2-3%. However, to replace the system within the building will prove far more costly after a period of time compared to the small saving initially made.

There are two elements of an above ground drainage system:

  • The internal rainwater pipes
  • The soil discharge stacks
These should be designed and specified to last the lifetime of the building. Even when a building is modernised every 15 or 20 years, these elements along with the structure will likely remain, and should last as long as the building does. That makes cast iron - already recognised for its fit-and-forget advantages - the most appropriate proven materials and Ensign EEZI-FIT the most appropriate choice, time after time after time.

The same applies to under the building drainage - the cost to replace or repair pipework under the concrete slab is high not to mention the disruption. Cast iron is the fit and forget drainage solution.

No Special Tools

With labour being one of the least manageable factors in construction, no opportunity to reduce its cost should be overlooked. EEZI-FIT is a push-fit jointing and coupling system that requires no specialist tools whatsoever.

HDPE Electro-Fusion Machine Hire/Purchase Cost involved

Stainless Steel

Cutting & Bevelling Tool

Hire/Purchase Cost involved
The hire cost is typically £50 per week or higher.

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