Easy Installation

FACT: Cast iron EEZI-FIT is quicker to install than a HDPE fusion welded system! How do we know? Because we have a laboratory study to support it.

Installation Comparison Study

Commissioned by Saint-Gobain PAM UK observed by the BRE, by Senior Consultants John Griggs and Martin White at BRE laboratory, Watford, installed by experienced plumbing installers
P J Myers Ltd based in Essex.

Measure and compare installation times of new Saint-Gobain cast iron EEZI-FIT push-fit pipe system against other drainage systems. Observe practices and methodology for future installation improvements

Systems Compared

  • Ensign EEZI-FIT to BS EN 877 push-fit system
  • HDPE system using fusion-welded joints
  • Stainless Steel push-fit systems

Installation - soil and waste stack

  • Vertical stack assembly over 3 floors 9m high overall
  • Ground floor: 150mm diameter
  • 2/3rd floor: 100mm diameter
  • Each floor was fitted with provision for a WC and basin waste
  • Bracket rail fitted prior to installation on all systems

Timings recorded by BRE

Defined Operations Timings for each task for each system installed (min)



Stainless Steel


Install vertical 9m section to top bend 98 50 52

Total installation costs will depend on many factors. Including the material itself, allowing for brackets, thermal movements and expansion, fire protection, acoustic insulation and labour element to install these elements and finally testing of the stacks on completion. It is common installation practice to use a product to labour ratio when initially calculating the total installation cost.

In relation to the BRE research study we have pieced together a calculation based on:
1 x material - 2 x Installation time
Cast Iron EEZI-FIT base = 100

  Material Cost Installation Time Combined





HDPE 65 186 437
Stainless Steel 110 100


Material cost = cost of goods for this study
Combined = assumes labour hourly rates the same for all materials

Our study found, for vertical soil risers, Ensign EEZI-FIT is significantly quicker than HDPE fusion-welded, and as quick to install as push-fit steel. So, EEZI-FIT gives you all the extra benefits of cast iron with all the simplicity and speed of push-fit jointing and coupling. The ease and speed of installation of the EEZI-FIT system can potentially bridge the material cost gap with HDPE, giving you the highest quality system at a comparable installation cost.

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